Having Fun In Recovery

“I used to feel as though music festivals ran hand in hand with drug use; one doesn’t occur without the help of the other. But, from what I have learned, that doesn’t have to be the case.”

Festival Season

Festival season has finally arrived! The warmer weather brings lots of music and arts festivals and shows. When I was using, festivals would turn into a reason to have a “socially acceptable” week-long drug binge. My friends and I would spend so much time buying the various pills and powders we would be using to enhance our concert experience and so that we could “do it how it’s supposed to be done”.

“I probably had the most fun at these events while I was sober.”

I used to feel as though music festivals ran hand in hand with drug use; one doesn’t occur without the help of the other. But, from what I have learned, that doesn’t have to be the case. I’ve gone to a few festivals recently and remained sober throughout the whole weekend. I probably had the most fun at these events while I was sober. Of course there are drugs around, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming, but life doesn’t need to be limited because of this disease. I know that when I am working a solid 12-step program I can do almost anything and remain sober. The truth is that there can be possible triggers around, and with the keen sense as drug addict, handoffs can be spotted from a mile away. At events such as these it is important to know limits and to always put sobriety first. There is always another show, or another event, and if you’re not ready don’t force it! And lets say that while at a show things get too intense – there is always the option to leave. Escape plans and exit strategies are always a good idea!

The Shift Towards Welcoming the Sober

At festivals, there has been an interesting shift where they are becoming more inclusive and welcoming of those who are sober. Most have meetings or sober areas for like-minded sober partiers to meet up. Coachella has Soberchella meetings for attendees and a Safe Harbor sober room for musicians and crew. The upcoming Lightening in a Bottle festival has “Lightening Without the Bottle” as a sober support. These types of massive events seem to have taken note that not all of its attendees are partying the same way, and that many are abstaining from drinking and drugs altogether.

Having Fun in Recovery …It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Truthfully, if I wasn’t having fun in recovery then I doubt I’d remain sober. The feeling of freedom that I have at events such as these is something that wasn’t possible with drug use. My normie friends always ask me, “Is it hard to go to something like that?!” My answer is that it doesn’t have to be. Weekends full of music and dance make me feel alive, and by choosing sobriety I also choose life.

“The feeling of freedom that I have at events such as these is something that wasn’t possible with drug use.”

Long Term Drug Rehab

Long Term Drug Rehab is a term that can mean many different things to many people, and Long Term Alcohol Rehab is similar in that respect.   The reason there is no blanket definition for these terms is that rehabilitation is an overall term for treating those addicted to any substance, from illegal drugs, to alcohol, to prescription medications.  This treatment is absolutely necessary for an addict to get off drugs or alcohol, and often quite literally saves his or her life.  The only alternative to this type of treatment is to go on using, which will almost undoubtedly lead to a wide range of physical, social, legal, and psychological problems, or even death.  So, of course, the primary goal of any detox or rehab program is to help the addicted person to live without the need for the addictive substance to which they have become dependent, but the methods of getting to that point vary widely.

Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California, and throughout the United States, offer a broad range of treatment methods and recovery philosophies.  Some are faith based; some have a “tough love” approach; and others are gender specific, such as those specializing in drug rehab for women.  Some programs offer short term or outpatient care, others offer only Long Term Drug Rehab, and still others offer both short and long term care.  Most experts agree that the most effective Long Term Alcohol Rehab and drug rehab programs are those providing long term residency programs that address the root causes of drug and alcohol dependency, including the psychological and physiological factors surrounding addiction.

Drug detox and rehab are the first steps in the Long Term Drug Rehab process, but there is much more to attaining a sober lifestyle beyond the initial detoxification and treatment.  Many people think primarily of the withdrawal from drugs and alcohol when considering entering a rehab program, but the truth is, even though the physical and psychological pain that can be experienced during this time is often severe, it is relatively short lived.  So to think of this relatively minor period of time as being what Long Term Alcohol Rehab or a drug rehab program is all about is short sighted.  The reason behind a person’s addiction has a lot to do with the body’s building of a tolerance for the offending substance.  The more an addict uses a particular drug or drinks alcohol, their brain adapts to the substance, which causes the addicted individual to need more of whatever drug they are taking to feel the effects of it.  This cycle can be a deadly one, as it leads to heavier use, often to the point of overdose or serious physical damage to the body’s organs and nervous system.  This is why it is so important for anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction to seek out Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California, or wherever they can find a quality, long term, gender specific program.  It is the breaking of this cycle of dependence that is the goal of any Long Term Drug Rehab program, and the initial detox period is, again, only the first step in the process.

Another factor that quality Long Term Alcohol Rehab and drug rehab programs take into consideration is the element of psychological dependency.  Rehab centers focus on this aspect of treatment in order to teach patients ways to interact in an atmosphere free of drugs and alcohol.  Part of this approach is to help addicts through the challenges associated with living without contact with family or friends who are abusing drugs and alcohol.  Individual and group counseling, often including former addicts, has been found to be very helpful in this regard.  Counseling sessions after initial treatment are also recommended, and sometimes required by the court, if the addict was referred to treatment though the legal system.  Through these counseling sessions, people suffering with drug and alcohol addiction are also taught to look at the habits they have surrounding their addictions as well as methods for changing those habits.  We know that much of the cycle of addiction is somewhat ritualistic.  In other words, people get into patterns that include the use of drugs or alcohol, and breaking these patterns is critical in getting sober.

Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California offer the programs and treatment methods mentioned above, and they offer something else as well.  Sothern California in particular, is known for its sunny climate and carefree beach living.  And while a person attending a Long Term Drug Rehab program is obviously not in a position to feel carefree (yet), just being in such an environment is conducive to healing, and a great place to begin a life of sober living.  There is something therapeutic about being close to the Pacific Ocean, and waking up to sunny skies almost every day.  It lifts the spirit and helps to create a mood of positive energy, which is important during treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.  It makes sense, even to anyone not trained in alcohol or drug treatment, that the better one feels about the environment they are in, the less stress they feel, and the more they can focus on the task at hand; which, in this case, is getting off drugs or alcohol.  For women especially, feeling as though they are in a safe, comfortable environment helps them to relax and open up more, which is critical for counseling and treatment to progress at a healthy pace.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is an encouraging, relaxed, safe haven for women who want to overcome addictions to drugs or alcohol.  Located in Costa Mesa, California, Safe Harbor is one of the preeminent Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California.  Safe Harbor offers programs for a wide range of drug addiction, and their drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs are designed specifically for women.  For more information on Long Term Drug Rehab programs in California, please visit http://www.safeharborhouse.com or email us today.

Drug Rehabs for Women

There are a number of quality Drug Rehabs for Women throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide.  These programs exist to help women overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, and they provide an opportunity for women with addictions to find sobriety and begin living a better life.  Drug Rehab Programs in California are no different in that respect, but they do offer certain other advantages over rehab programs in other states.  For example, Drug Rehab Centers in California can offer a warm, sunny atmosphere, next to the Pacific Ocean.  This might not seem like something that is very important when speaking of helping an addict recover from drug addiction, but the implications of location are well known to have a significant effect on the success rates of long term recovery.

For starters, the ocean has been revered for centuries as a source of calm and healing.  Just being close to the ocean can have a positive effect on one’s psyche and emotional wellbeing.  It is thought by some that the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore are therapeutic, which is why you can buy sound machines with recordings of the melodic noise of the ocean playing over and over.   While there are obviously other states that have an ocean shoreline, Drug Rehab Programs in California are an excellent choice for other reasons as well.  It often happens that depression accompanies drug and alcohol addiction.  For this reason, a sunny climate is more conducive to recovery.  Several respected studies have shown that moods tend to be affected by the amount of sun a person gets, and most people can back this up with their own personal experience.  Feeling down or “in the dumps” on a cloudy, gloomy day is something most of us have felt at one time or another in our lives.  It is no coincidence that suicide rates are higher in the cloudy northwest region of the country.  Drug Rehab Centers in California cannot promise sun every day of the year, but in Southern California particularly, there are more sunny days each year than in most areas of the country.

In addition to the advantages California brings, location in general is very important when considering various Drug Rehabs for Women.  It is, for example, critical for a woman attempting to recover from an alcohol or drug addiction to enroll in a facility that is not in her home area.  It doesn’t take a clinical psychologist to see that attempting to overcome an addiction while still in the midst of the stresses and temptations that lead to drug or alcohol use and addiction in the first place is going to be far more difficult.  Removing an addict from such an environment provides the best chance for a faster recovery, and long term sobriety.  Drug Rehab Programs in California offer the chance for a woman with addiction challenges to work on her sobriety away from her home environment.   Many such women have professed that they could never have gotten off (and stayed off) drugs or alcohol without having left their home area to do so.  These women say that while leaving their state to attend Drug Rehab Centers in California was a scary proposition for them in the beginning, any apprehension they felt was well worth the end result.

Women who have gone through the drug or alcohol addiction recovery process also report that Drug Rehabs for Womenspecifically, are the best choice for recovery.  They confirm over and over again, the research that shows that treating female addicts in a program designed exclusively for women is the most effective approach to long term drug and alcohol rehab.  There are a number of factors that make this the case.  First, women tend to rely on and express emotions more than men.  While we cannot generalize entirely, there is no doubt that this dynamic does tend to be the case.  What this need to communicate from an emotional perspective means for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, is that women under treatment need to feel comfortable expressing emotions.  And women often report being far more comfortable expressing emotions to and around other women, more so than when in the company of men.  This is especially true when the woman going through addiction treatment has experienced any sort of physical or sexual abuse by men in her past; and studies have shown that as many as 70% of women with drug and alcohol addiction have endured such an experience.

So Drug Rehabs for Women that employ an all-woman staff to care for those going through recovery are an excellent choice for any female addict.  In fact, there are some outstanding Drug Rehab Programs in California, which are staffed entirely by women, and also introduce those who are new to the treatment center to alumni of the program.  Women who have completed these programs say that meeting other women who had gone through the process successfully, at the beginning of their stay, made a significant impact on their ability and willingness to continue with the recovery process.  They have said that meeting someone else who had been where they were, and had achieved sobriety, was a great inspiration, and proof that it can be done.  Meeting another person who has completed treatment also serves to lessen the fear of the unknown that naturally comes with entering a drug detox or rehab program.  A new patient is able to ask questions of the alumnus of the program without feeling they are getting answers from the program’s staff that might be biased in some way.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a nurturing, comfortable, safe haven for women struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.  Located in Costa Mesa, California, Safe Harbor is one of the premier Drug Rehab Centers in California.  Safe Harbor treats many types of drug addiction, and their drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed specifically for women.  For more information on Drug Rehabs for Women, please visit http://www.safeharborhouse.comor email us today.


Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women are available from a number of qualified facilities throughout California and the United states.  These programs typically offer intervention services, detox (including, in some cases, rapid detox), and short or long term Drug Addiction Programs for Women.  While the first steps in most programs include intervention and detox, these truly are only the first steps on a long road to Drug Addiction Recovery, for Womenwith drug or alcohol addiction.  Even though the initial process of getting off addictive substances is often thought of as “the hard part,” the real work begins after the offending substances are out of the drug addicted woman’s body.  Hollywood tends to portray the awful affects of withdrawal from addictive substances, such as heroin, cocaine, or alcohol, and there is no doubt that withdrawal symptoms can be quite difficult to get through.  Still, even after the withdrawal symptoms have passed, qualified Drug Addiction Programs for Women know that the fight far from over.

Drug Addiction Recovery for Women must involve getting to the root of a woman’s addiction, if she has any hope for living a sober, healthy lifestyle.  Time and time again, Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women see women go through a detox period and perhaps a short term stay in a drug addiction recovery center, only to see them return six months or a year later, needing another detox or intervention.  Why is this so?  Until a woman is able and willing to work through the reasons she uses and abuses drugs and alcohol, she is likely doomed to the life of an addict.  Drug Addiction Programs for Women that only include quick detox, without proper, comprehensive counseling and follow up, are not effective, because they treat symptoms, not causes.  It is akin to taking headache medicine for a brain tumor.  It might appear as though everything is better for a short while, but the cause of the pain has not been addressed, so it is destined to return.

Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women, that fully understand the concept of treating the whole person, provide Drug Addiction Programs for Women that are far more effective for helping women overcome their addictions for good and go on to live happy, sober lives.  These programs offer a wide range of drug counseling and psychological counseling services, job training, group therapy, and continuing education opportunities.  Women are nurtured and cared for in a low stress, positive environment, where they feel comfortable sharing and working through their addictions and the factors that led them to their current lifestyle.  One key for success when it comes to Drug Addiction Recovery for Women is helping women to share freely, without the stress and worry of home.  Many women come into addiction through the use of drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with a very stressful home life.  Everything from job pressures and parenting, to dealing with an abusive partner or financial difficulties can play a role in leading a woman to begin using addictive substances.  So it is important for Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women to provide an atmosphere that allows a woman the necessary time and comfort to work through her addiction issues in as stress free a way as possible.

It is also important for centers providing Drug Addiction Recovery for Women to maintain an environment specifically focused on the needs of women.  Nearly everything about a woman’s addiction is different from that of a man.  From the reasons for initially using drugs or alcohol, to the speed and severity with which they become addicted, to the physiological and psychological affects these substances have on a woman, their experience is unlike what men experience.  Life history also plays a different role in addiction for men and women.  For example, close to seventy percent of women addicted to drugs or alcohol have lived through some form of physical or sexual abuse.  This and other causal agents differ in men and women.  Because of this statistic alone, Drug Addiction Programs for Womenmust provide a safe haven for female addicts.  As mentioned previously, a key element of recovering from addiction is being able to open up enough to explore and work through past issues that might have led to or intensified the use of drugs or alcohol.  If a woman does not feel comfortable and safe in her environment, she is highly unlikely to share and explore feelings.  So, if, for example, a woman is assigned to a male therapist at a facility providing Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women and men, and if she was abused by a man in her past, the chances of her making meaningful progress toward recovery are severely diminished.  For this reason, many such facilities are staffed by women only.

When considering the possibility of entering one of the many available Drug Addiction Programs for Women, another factor that is important to keep in mind is location.  Because a goal of the program should be to provide a safe environment, free from home pressures, considering a drug treatment center in California might make a lot of sense.  Not only can removing an addict from her current environment help to deal with stress from her everyday life; it also has the benefit of removing her from a routine that includes using whatever substances she is addicted to.  As an example, if it is part of a woman’s routine to go to a particular bar each day after work, being far removed from that option takes the temptation out of play and allows the addict and those dedicated to Drug Addiction Recovery for Women to focus on her getting sober and healthy.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a warm, inviting, safe haven for drug and alcohol addicted women. Located in Costa Mesa, California, Safe Harbor specializes in Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women. Safe Harbor treats many types of drug addiction, and their drug rehab programs are designed specifically for women. For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit http://www.safeharborhouse.com or email us today.

Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse affects millions of Americans every day.  The effects of this issue are not confined to those actually suffering from Drug Addiction, or even just to the families and friends of the addicts.  People have a tendency to see news stories on the television or Internet about drug issues, and keep the problem at arm’s length, thinking it does not affect them.  But the truth is the problem of Drug Abuse is something that truly affects us all.  We all pay the cost of Drug Addiction,whether in higher medical costs associated with providing care to addicts who are not financially able, higher taxes from government entities tasked with caring for a population of addicts, or higher crime rates as a result of the drug trade and illegal drug use.  Yes, this is a problem that deserves everyone’s attention, not just those directly involved in drug addiction treatment.

In fact, Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California, and throughout the United States, are fighting a battle that is in everyone’s best interests to win.  These centers focus on long term recovery, helping addicted individuals turn their lives around and begin living a sober lifestyle.  While drug intervention and detox are first steps in Drug Addiction treatment, the goal of detox and treatment centers is not to simply get a person addicted to alcohol or drugs to stop using for now.  The goal is for them to realize true sobriety and change their lives in a positive, meaningful way.  And every time a drug treatment center accomplishes this, they are helping to win the battle against drug addiction, making our society safer, and more sane.  These treatment centers are often, literally, an addicted person’s last hope, and they very often save the lives of people who would otherwise have succumbed to the devastating affects of Drug Addition.  They also help our communities and society in general by transforming addicted individuals into more productive, fulfilled members of society.

Drug Abuse in women is particularly on the rise. So, a number of Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California have focused their programs on women addicted to alcohol and drugs.  Many of these treatment centers provide treatment for women, by women.  In an atmosphere of caring and nurturing, women addicted to drugs and alcohol find a place where they can share their experiences and open up about the factors that led them to use illicit substances in the first place, and ultimately to Drug Addiction.  It is critical for any drug detox or treatment center for women to understand the different challenges and issues facing women battling addiction, versus those experienced by men.  Clearly, both men and women are susceptible to Drug Addiction, and both genders suffer dire consequences as a result of alcohol and Drug Abuse.  And it should not be thought for a moment that any center with a woman focused program does not recognize the need for men to seek and find effective treatment.  The reason that these centers cater to women specifically, is that it has been shown that women trying to recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol find better, longer lasting results in such an environment.

Thinking about why this might be the case, it becomes very clear.  Some facts about women struggling with Drug Abuseneed to be kept in mind:  For women, emotions play a very important role in their communication and inner feelings.  In order for recovery to be most effective, a woman must feel comfortable expressing and exploring her emotions surrounding her Drug Addiction.  Studies have shown that as much as 70% of women who abuse drugs or alcohol have experienced a history of physical or sexual abuse.  Very often, this abuse was committed by one or more men in the woman’s life.  Because of this, it is common for a woman attending Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California to feel a distrust of men in general.  Taking all of these factors into account, we can see why a mixed gender treatment program might not be as effective.  For example, in a group counseling scenario, if a woman does not feel comfortable sharing in front of men, and one or more men is part of the group, she will not be able to fully explore her reasons for beginning and continuing a life of Drug Abuse.  The more she holds back out of fear of exposing her feelings to male participants, the less likely it is that she will attain sobriety long term.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California for women often staff their entire facility with women for the same reasons.  Additionally, many of these programs introduce current and past recovering addicts to new patients for a couple of important reasons.  First, when entering a Drug Addiction treatment program, many women experience a fear of the unknown.  They do not know what to expect in treatment and are often hesitant to participate fully due to this fear.  Introducing these new clients to others who have gone through, or are going through, the program allows them to relate and ask questions to lessen their fears.  Another important reason for introducing patients to those who have struggled with Drug Abuse as they have, is to give them hope and encouragement that they too can beat their addictions to drugs or alcohol.  Seeing that someone else with similar background and challenges has found and maintained a sober lifestyle is often what an addict need most to know that she can do it too.  The women who have gone through treatment serve as mentors and inspiration, and they are able to empathize with women who are new to treatment.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a warm, inviting, safe haven for addicts, located in Costa Mesa, California.  Safe Harbor specializes in Drug Addiction treatment for women. Safe Harbor is one of the most respected Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California and treats many types of drug addiction. For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit http://www.safeharborhouse.com or email us today.

Rapid Detox

Rapid Detox, or rapid detoxification, is a technique through which a drug or alcohol addict is able to quickly eliminate the offending substance from his or her system without experiencing extended periods of withdrawal symptoms usually associated with quitting substance abuse.  Alcohol Detox typically takes place over a period of time when the alcohol addict is supervised by medical staff while they are aided in overcoming their physical dependence on alcohol.  The goal of any type of Drug Detox, whether from alcohol or another drug, is to help relieve and reduce the symptoms addicts feel during the withdrawal period.

During Alcohol Detox, most (95% approximately) alcoholics experience withdrawal symptoms, ranging from mild to moderate.  These symptoms can be treated fairly easily by a physician or other healthcare professional with outpatient treatments.  The remaining 5% of alcohol addicts have severe symptoms of withdrawal, requiring inpatient care at a detox center that specializes in Rapid Detox or other trusted detoxification methods.  The long term objective of any alcohol or Drug Detox is, of course, life-long sobriety.  The best way to accomplish this goal is through admission into a long term drug treatment program at a drug and alcohol treatment center.  These facilities are staffed with specially trained professionals who are well qualified to guide patients through the recovery process with the least possible discomfort.

The advantage of Rapid Detox versus traditional detoxification methods is the reduction in side effects experienced due to withdrawal from drugs or alcohol.  In general, detox can cause a wide range of physical and psychological side effects, ranging from minor to major. As stated before, 95% of patients experience minor to moderate symptoms, which can include: headaches, perspiration, vomiting, insomnia, loss of appetite, tremors, and restlessness.  Those who are unfortunate enough to be among the 5% of patients for which severe symptoms are present will experience many or all of the moderate symptoms mentioned, but will also often face: convulsions or seizures, and delirium tremors.  Fortunately, there are several medications and medical procedures that are available in the right medical environment, which can be used to aid in the Alcohol Detox and Drug Detox processes and help to reduce these symptoms.  Tranquilizers, such as Librium and Valium are among the medications commonly used in this regard.

Rapid Detox is quite different from other detox methods in a few significant ways.  Unlike “normal” detox methods, which can even take place at home (with somewhat limited long-term results), rapid detoxification must be performed in a clinical environment.  During a rapid Drug Detox procedure, an anesthesia is used to aid in the detoxification process, and the active, opiate based, addictive drugs are actually removed from the patient’s nervous system.  In a traditional detox scenario, an addict will typically experience days or even weeks of often debilitating withdrawal symptoms.  Through Rapid Detox, however, these symptoms are usually reduced to just a few hours.  Additionally, much of the time during which symptoms would be experienced is spent under anesthesia or in a medically induced state which makes it possible for the patient to “ride out” the withdrawal with relatively little discomfort.

As with any detox method, Rapid Detox is but the first step on an addict’s road to recovery.  While many of the withdrawal symptoms often experience while going through Alcohol Detox or Drug Detox are lessoned or avoided, the issues surrounding why the addict became addicted to drugs or alcohol have obviously not been address, and the desire to drink or use drugs has not been eliminated.  For this reason, it is important for anyone going through any detox procedure to follow up the detox treatment with long term drug rehab.  Drug rehab centers don’t just perform Drug Detox.  They help patients take the next steps in the process of beginning a new life of sobriety.  In fact, many studies have shown that detox by itself has little effect on drug addiction long term.  This is why quality drug rehab programs endeavor to treat all the needs of an addicted person, not just their drug abuse. By following this “holistic” approach, patients feel cared for in a way many have never experienced.  This goes a long way toward building self esteem and confidence, traits that are often lacking in those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.  Also, it is common to see clients with other medical and mental health challenges in addition to their addiction, and these must also be properly addressed.  Counseling programs and behavioral therapy treatment are therefore often part of the overall program offered by well qualified Drug Detox and treatment centers, as these are critical to effective rehabilitation.

Another aspect of a quality treatment program is that it is customized to meet the needs of each client, and it is adaptable to change as the patient’s needs change.  Because it is difficult to accomplish all of this in a short term program, long term drug treatment programs are strongly encouraged for anyone addicted to drugs or alcohol.  It is understandable that many people think only of the clinical side of treatment and the patient-clinician interaction that takes place during and the subsequent treatment program.  The fact is – long term alcohol treatment actually offers a more comprehensive resource channel for an addicted person to draw from.  Obviously, well trained counselors, administrators and medical staff are a large part of any long term treatment program, but another integral part of the process is other patients and former patients who have struggled with the same challenges as the addict in treatment.  This is particularly true of those programs specializing in treating women suffering with addiction.  The feelings of being overwhelmed and discouraged during recovery can be significant.  So, when a woman is able to witness and hear the stories of other women who have beat their addictions, it serves as inspiration and motivation for her to take the steps necessary for her to overcome her own dependence on drugs and alcohol.   This is why, whether considering a Rapid Detox program or any other method of beginning recovery, it is important for women addicted to drugs or alcohol to seek out a facility specializing in women with substance dependence.

Safe Harbor is a treatment facility that is geared specifically for the drug addicted woman. It offers not only a 90-day treatment program but is also one of the most well regarded long term drug and alcohol rehab centers in California. If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol please visit http://www.safeharborhouse.com or call 877-660-7623.