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Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse affects millions of Americans every day.  The effects of this issue are not confined to those actually suffering from Drug Addiction, or even just to the families and friends of the addicts.  People have a tendency to see news stories on the television or Internet about drug issues, and keep the problem at arm’s length, thinking it does not affect them.  But the truth is the problem of Drug Abuse is something that truly affects us all.  We all pay the cost of Drug Addiction,whether in higher medical costs associated with providing care to addicts who are not financially able, higher taxes from government entities tasked with caring for a population of addicts, or higher crime rates as a result of the drug trade and illegal drug use.  Yes, this is a problem that deserves everyone’s attention, not just those directly involved in drug addiction treatment.

In fact, Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California, and throughout the United States, are fighting a battle that is in everyone’s best interests to win.  These centers focus on long term recovery, helping addicted individuals turn their lives around and begin living a sober lifestyle.  While drug intervention and detox are first steps in Drug Addiction treatment, the goal of detox and treatment centers is not to simply get a person addicted to alcohol or drugs to stop using for now.  The goal is for them to realize true sobriety and change their lives in a positive, meaningful way.  And every time a drug treatment center accomplishes this, they are helping to win the battle against drug addiction, making our society safer, and more sane.  These treatment centers are often, literally, an addicted person’s last hope, and they very often save the lives of people who would otherwise have succumbed to the devastating affects of Drug Addition.  They also help our communities and society in general by transforming addicted individuals into more productive, fulfilled members of society.

Drug Abuse in women is particularly on the rise. So, a number of Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California have focused their programs on women addicted to alcohol and drugs.  Many of these treatment centers provide treatment for women, by women.  In an atmosphere of caring and nurturing, women addicted to drugs and alcohol find a place where they can share their experiences and open up about the factors that led them to use illicit substances in the first place, and ultimately to Drug Addiction.  It is critical for any drug detox or treatment center for women to understand the different challenges and issues facing women battling addiction, versus those experienced by men.  Clearly, both men and women are susceptible to Drug Addiction, and both genders suffer dire consequences as a result of alcohol and Drug Abuse.  And it should not be thought for a moment that any center with a woman focused program does not recognize the need for men to seek and find effective treatment.  The reason that these centers cater to women specifically, is that it has been shown that women trying to recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol find better, longer lasting results in such an environment.

Thinking about why this might be the case, it becomes very clear.  Some facts about women struggling with Drug Abuseneed to be kept in mind:  For women, emotions play a very important role in their communication and inner feelings.  In order for recovery to be most effective, a woman must feel comfortable expressing and exploring her emotions surrounding her Drug Addiction.  Studies have shown that as much as 70% of women who abuse drugs or alcohol have experienced a history of physical or sexual abuse.  Very often, this abuse was committed by one or more men in the woman’s life.  Because of this, it is common for a woman attending Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California to feel a distrust of men in general.  Taking all of these factors into account, we can see why a mixed gender treatment program might not be as effective.  For example, in a group counseling scenario, if a woman does not feel comfortable sharing in front of men, and one or more men is part of the group, she will not be able to fully explore her reasons for beginning and continuing a life of Drug Abuse.  The more she holds back out of fear of exposing her feelings to male participants, the less likely it is that she will attain sobriety long term.

Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California for women often staff their entire facility with women for the same reasons.  Additionally, many of these programs introduce current and past recovering addicts to new patients for a couple of important reasons.  First, when entering a Drug Addiction treatment program, many women experience a fear of the unknown.  They do not know what to expect in treatment and are often hesitant to participate fully due to this fear.  Introducing these new clients to others who have gone through, or are going through, the program allows them to relate and ask questions to lessen their fears.  Another important reason for introducing patients to those who have struggled with Drug Abuse as they have, is to give them hope and encouragement that they too can beat their addictions to drugs or alcohol.  Seeing that someone else with similar background and challenges has found and maintained a sober lifestyle is often what an addict need most to know that she can do it too.  The women who have gone through treatment serve as mentors and inspiration, and they are able to empathize with women who are new to treatment.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a warm, inviting, safe haven for addicts, located in Costa Mesa, California.  Safe Harbor specializes in Drug Addiction treatment for women. Safe Harbor is one of the most respected Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in California and treats many types of drug addiction. For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit or email us today.