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Drug Rehab in California

Drug Rehab in California has a number of important benefits. The most critical of these benefits include emotional and environmental stress relief.  It often happens that women who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are in an environment surrounded by friends and family members who themselves are using or addicted to these substances. Common stressors in these women’s lives, such as family life and work, tend to be environmental factors that lead them to using, and often ultimately resulting in addiction.  While there are obviously many drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout the US and the world many addicted persons come to drug rehab centers in California for a number of reasons.  One primary factor that leads many addicts and families to choose California is the amazing sunshine, and the close proximity to the ocean. It might seem trivial to some, but the ocean has been looked upon as a healing force in the universe by many cultures worldwide for thousands of years.

This brings us back to speaking about the environmental stressors that can contribute to addiction. As an example, if an addict lives in Chicago and stresses from an abusive relationship or from work are causing her addiction to spiral, it can be very difficult for her to start a treatment program – especially while still dealing with those stressors in the same city. For this reason, it is very important to look for a program that is out of the home area, and a drug rehab in California is often the answer. We have found that the first crucial step in recovery is often to eliminate the stress present in an addict’s life, in order to make a successful try at healing. In order to facilitate the recovery process, many addicts consider long term drug rehab programs further away from their home area. It just makes sense that putting some distance between a person’s home geographical area and the area of recovery allows for a higher chance of recovery and a more refreshed, relaxed feeling.

This process of placing a distance between home and treatment is also important for recovery because it makes it less likely for an addict to fall back into addiction due to familiar surroundings and activities.  If, for instance, a woman has a routine at home that involves drinking at a particular time every day, in a specific place, not having that option lends to a faster, more complete recovery.  Once a woman addicted to alcohol or drugs realizes and accepts that her only task is to focus on her recovery, and she doesn’t have the temptations and distractions of her usual surroundings, she often feels a sense of freedom and relief.  This facilitates her recovery and also provides her with an experience to draw upon once she has returned to her life outside of treatment.  When an old, familiar temptation presents itself after treatment, the addicted woman can “go to that place” during treatment where she felt free of the stressors leading to her addiction, and the feelings that return can serve her, even within her home environment.

Drug rehabs in California, for the most part, adhere to the same principals of recovery for both males and females. There are, however, several recovery programs that are offered in gender-specific facilities. Particularly for women looking to start a recovery program, this is very important. Although men and women obviously interact on a daily basis out in the world and share many roles, the truth is, society still places different responsibilities on each gender. It often happens that a woman becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol based on the fact she is having a difficult time managing the stress that comes with balancing work and family schedules.  On the other hand, a man might turn to drugs and alcohol because he feels that he is not a good enough provider for his family or due to a fear of losing his job. The addiction may appear to be the same on the surface, but the pressures contributing to it might be completely different.  This is an important distinction, because it is only by treating the underlying causes of addiction that recovery can be lasting.  If each addict is not treated as an individual with her own unique stressors and reasons for using drugs and/or alcohol, her chances for lasting recovery are drastically reduced.

Long term drug rehab programs exist to help address the past, present, and future emotional elements of an addicted individual’s life. It is widely understood that women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol due to past emotional, physical, or sexual abuse need to be enrolled in a woman-specific rehab program. For this reason, many treatment centers for female addicts are staffed by women only.  These rehab centers offer a variety of different programs to facilitate a woman realizing and maintaining a sober lifestyle. Programs commonly offered include job training, family counseling, parenting classes, educational opportunities, and much more. Additionally, many treatment programs for women introduce new clients to recovering women who act as support mentors and examples to those starting on the road to recovery.  When a woman struggling with her own recovery sees that someone else has been able to achieve and maintain sobriety, it is encouraging and inspiring to her.  Indeed, meeting and talking with another who has shared her struggles often marks a positive turning point in an addict’s treatment process.

When choosing a long term drug rehab program in California, it is important to keep all of these factors in mind.  The goal of any program should be long term recovery, and that can only be achieved by an alcohol and drug rehab center that adheres to the principles outlined here.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is revered as one of the top drug rehab centers in California. If you or a loved one is in need of help, please consider choosing a drug rehab center in California for recovery. Visit our website or call for more information today: 877-660-7623