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Drug Rehabs for Women

Drug rehabs for women offer specialized programs that are intended to meet the specific needs of women with addictions to drugs and/or alcohol.  When a woman decides to seek help for her addiction, she often finds that many of the rehabs available offer standard treatment programs that are not gender specific.  Any addiction to drugs or alcohol is a very serious, chronic, and often recurring problem that can be faced by both men and women. For addicted women, however, drug abuse often comes with different issues, to include sociological, emotional, and physiological challenges.  While these challenges are by no means absent in men with addictions, they must be addressed in a way that is most effective for each gender, so women with addictions should seek out treatment programs that recognize this fact.

Any successful drug rehab program for women must first and foremost fully understand the complex issues related to treating addicted women. For example, it is very common to find that many women with substance abuse problems have, at sometime during their lives, had to deal with major challenges that contributed to trigging an addiction. In fact, recent research has come to light showing that nearly 70% of women who abuse drugs have reported histories of either physical or sexual abuse.  A history of alcohol or drug abuse by one or both parents of addicted women is another factor which research shows often leads women to addictive behaviors.  Other factors that must be considered when treating women who abuse drugs and alcohol are low self-esteem and mental health problems.  These factors are typical in women who abuse drugs and can be particularly challenging, because they manifest as both causal agents as well as consequences of drug abuse, leading to a cyclical destructive behavior pattern.

Many drug rehab centers in California offer a nurturing, comfortable atmosphere, which allows many drug addicted women to feel comfortable lowering their defenses. We often find that women are reluctant to enter a drug rehab center due to a fear of the unknown. They aren’t sure what to expect or what will happen to them at the treatment center. A common fear is that they will not being able to take care of their children. Many women may also feel a fear of rejection from their husband or significant other who may continue to abuse drugs even after they have stopped. In fact, it is a common occurrence that their significant other is the one who introduced them to the drugs in the first place. We also commonly find that many high functioning addicted women are surrounded by people in their lives who are not aware of their addiction.  So, another frequent reason for a woman resisting entrance into a drug or alcohol treatment program is a fear of what her family, friends, co-workers, and other members of her community might think.  Depending on her circle of influence, the stigma might come from having or an addiction, or even from trying to move past addiction.  Some women even report that other addicted friends or family members ridicule them for trying to quit their addictions.

According to clinical psychologist and researcher, Suzette Glasner-Edwards, Ph.D., “Women are particularly vulnerable because they more frequently have underlying psychological issues like depression or anxiety.” She goes on to state “Taking drugs is more of a means for self-medication for women, and for men, it’s more thrill-seeking behavior.”

Keeping Dr. Glasner-Edwards’ words in mind, it is important that drug rehabs for women address the specific needs of women with drug and alcohol addiction, including:

Low Self Esteem


Physical Abuse

Mental Abuse

Poor nutrition and below-average weight

Drug rehabs for women should not only address the above issues but also offer a range of services and options to make a reluctant addicted woman feel more at ease.  One such option is small intimate groups, which allow a drug addicted woman to feel more relaxed about opening up and sharing personal experiences.  Some of these more comprehensive services can  also include:

Family Therapy

Job Training

Legal Assistance

Food, Clothing and shelter

Medical treatment

Child care

Social services

Social support

Family planning services


Quality Drug Rehab programs in California offer more than just 30 or 90 day programs for their patients.  Long term programs have been found to be more successful, because often a woman without the proper support system outside of treatment is more likely to relapse and fall back into her addiction.  In fact, many drug rehab centers in California and throughout the United States offer sober living houses after the initial 90 treatment.  Women often stay in these houses until they have accomplished at least twelve months of sobriety. These sober living programs allow women to transition toward a normal life, taking on a job, schooling, and other responsibilities, while maintaining the familiar support network that is so critical to their long term recovery.  As the recovering addict experiences significant life changes that come with her new-found sobriety, it is even more imperative than ever for her to know that these constant elements of strength are there for her to aid in her recovery.

When choosing a drug rehab for women, there are a number of important factors to consider. One of the most important is to choose a facility that specializes in the treatment of women addicts. Just as important is to choose a rehab center that offers an inviting, nurturing, comfortable environment in which the client feels safe and secure.  The importance of these factors cannot be over-stressed, as they lend themselves to potentially higher success rates in the drug addicted woman achieving and maintaining sobriety, and, after all, that is the whole point of treatment.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a warm, inviting, safe haven for addicts, located in Costa Mesa, California, that specializes in drug rehab for women. Safe Harbor treats many types of drug addiction, and their drug rehab programs are designed specifically for women. For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit or email us today.