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Happy New Year from Safe Harbor!

Midwinter is an especially ripe time of the year to reflect on the past and dwell in the possibility of moving forward in 2016. For many people across the globe, the New Year is viewed as a time of releasing and letting go of all the things in our lives that are no longer serving us. It is commonly believed to be the universe’s way of inviting us each to dream and create new intentions that will guide us into a more wholehearted way of living in the coming seasons.

At Safe Harbor, we have recently been blessed with the cherished dark and rainy California days, during which we are able to experience quiet, sleepy moments of reflection. In these moments, beneath the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof, we are beckoned to deeply listen to the mysterious parts of our being that are longing to be brought forth. Much like the celebrations and holidays that acknowledge the dark stillness of winter and anticipation of new life, there is a lull at the beginning of the year that allows us time to recognize what parts of ourselves we want to put forth to be nourished and renewed by the warm, life-giving light of Spring.

For the women at Safe Harbor, and for all women fighting the courageous battle with their addictions, this is a beautiful metaphor for embracing the mystery of treatment as the first step on a journey towards recovery. By first allowing yourself to be open to entering treatment, you are offering yourself the gift of a perfect landscape for letting go of destructive behaviors and reclaiming a new and exhilarating life. We know all women need and deserve a place where they can go to find healing and rest; where they are safe to acknowledge and overcome the emotional darkness they have likely become accustomed to living in. We have had women come to us from all over the world; seeking guidance for letting go and beginning again- this is not an uncommon necessity.

We have found it vital for women in treatment to be provided a time for carving out space to listen to the deep desires of their hearts and to follow their intuition; examining what is no longer working in their lives and discovering new ways of being which reflect the magnificence of a woman’s true nature. At Safe Harbor we believe that when we dutifully persevere through the darkness and uncertainty of the winter seasons of life, our hope and faith will be restored and will be met with the unfolding promise of vibrant new life bursting through in the spring.

The earth routinely offers you this time of reflection and it is our individual responsibility to make the most of this gift. We are called to challenge ourselves, this and every midwinter season, to embrace what new life is begging to be brought forth within us. Are there aspects of your life you know need renewal? Is your soul open to the fresh, clean slate of spring? It is my sincere hope that wherever you are and whatever season of life you find yourself in, you allow yourself to be reawakened by the beauty and love that is within you that is waiting to be revitalized in 2016. You deserve this life. All you have ever needed is already within you, waiting to bloom.