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Spirituality – Facilitated by Reverend Arlene Hylton, Licensed Agape Minister

We know and understand that spirituality is a critical component of recovery. Rev. Arlene supports each woman who walks through our doors in realizing her highest potential that is latent within her. Spirituality brings to each individual the understanding that she is not alone; that she is part of a greater existence. Through prayer and spiritual counsel, each woman is given the tools to remember her connection with a higher power that is active and fully available in and as her life. We believe that each individual has the capacity to transform her own life and support others in doing the same. Reverend Arlene uses the tools of guided meditation, prayer, life visioning, intention setting and affirmations, which enable women to tap into their own inner strength, wisdom, and healing qualities. As Rev. Arlene is fond of saying, “You are not broken. You don’t need fixing. You simply need to remember that you are a whole spiritual being, and have already been given everything you need to thrive. Healing occurs in the remembering — remembering the truth of who you were created to be.”

The women at Safe Harbor are also given spiritual principles to support them in living a life of recovery and fulfillment. Rev. Arlene sees the possibilities in each client and helps them identify the God-given potential within. She sees the pain of the past, yet encourages women to start creating a future with their higher power as their support.Rev. Arlene believes, “Our higher power is greater than any past mis-takes, and healing is available to everyone.”