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Maggie Grisham Director of Admissions
Maggie Grisham
Director of Admissions
Maggie Grisham has been in recovery for over 24 years. Her passion and experience in recovery has led Maggie to make a professional change and work with people in addiction. Maggie is devoted to helping men and women and their families as they struggle with the confusion and frustration of addiction by applying her love and knowledge of the 12-Step program… Continue Reading Maggie‘s Full Bio »
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Chaz Mangan
Chief Compliance Officer
As the son of founder Velvet Mangan, Chaz remembers Safe Harbor’s first administrative office downstairs in his childhood home. Witnessing individuals experiencing life changing recovery at our program has been a fundamental part of his life since he could walk. Today, Chaz has nearly ten years experience working in the Behavioral Health field, and serves as the COO of Safe Harbor Treatment Center… Continue Reading Chaz‘s Full Bio »
Madison Ward, Alumni Relations Coordinator
Madison Ward
Alumni Relations Coordinator
Madison serves as an Alumni Relations Coordinator at Safe Harbor’s Capella. From Lexington, Kentucky, she is the youngest of six children. This taught Madison to be her own advocate and supported her in learning to have a voice in large groups. After graduating from high school, Madison took psychology courses at a local college. For eleven years, Madison worked with young children in a child- care setting… Continue Reading Madison‘s Full Bio »
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Mollie Jones
Director of Administration
Mollie Jones serves as the Director of Administration for Safe Harbor Treatment Center. Mollie has nearly a decade of experience working in the treatment industry in both provisions of direct clinical care and executive leadership. Mollie is an accomplished professional with over 18 years’ administrator experience… Continue Reading Mollie‘s Full Bio »
Dr. Andrew Schneider, DO Psychiatrist Medical Director
Dr. Andrew Schneider
DO Psychiatrist Medical Director
Andrew Schneider is a psychiatrist in private practice in Irvine, California. In addition to his Adult Psychiatry training, he completed a fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and has a M.S. in Sports Psychology. Dr. Schneider takes a holistic approach to psychiatry, offering both psychotherapy and medication management in his practice… Continue Reading Dr. Schneider‘s Full Bio »
Arlene Hylton, Spiritual Director
Arlene Hylton
Spiritual Director
Rev. Arlene Hylton Campbell is the Spiritual Director for Safe Harbor Treatment Center for women. She is a licensed non-denominational Minister in the State of California. Rev. Arlene supports individuals in realizing their highest potential. Her support of individuals in recovery is based on each individual realizing a higher power that is active and fully available in their life… Continue Reading Rev. Arlene‘s Full Bio »
Rupa Ward, Cognitive Therapy Primary Therapist
Rupa Ward, MA, AMFT, EMDR
Individual Trauma Therapist
Rupa Ward has an M. A. in Psychology with Marriage and Family Therapy emphasis. Rupa has been a practicing Certified EMDR therapist for nearly a decade and has completed Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Gottman Couple Counseling Training and Gottman Couple and Addiction Recovery… Continue Reading Rupa‘s Full Bio »
Tara Wright, Director of Primary Program
Tara Wright, CADC-CAS
Director of Primary Program
Tara is a certified CADC-CAS and specializes in providing services to those who suffer from substance use disorders and behavioral health issues. Tara holds a deep passion for her work and strong commitment to assisting her clients grow and become confident and healthy… Continue Reading Tara‘s Full Bio »
Margaret O'Hara, Trauma Therapist
Margaret O’Hara, LPCC
Trauma Therapist
Margaret O’Hara runs the Trauma Program at Safe Harbor utilizing Relational Trauma Repair (RTR), an experiential model developed by Tian Dayton, PhD, TEP. A consultant with a private counseling practice in Northern San Diego, Margaret is a Certified Experiential Therapist, licensed as an LPCC (CA) and LMHC (NY)… Continue Reading Margaret‘s Full Bio »
Lisa Bahar Therapist
Lisa Bahar, MA, CCJP, LMFT, LPCC
Lisa Bahar is a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor, having received her graduate degree from Pepperdine University in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy… Continue Reading Lisa‘s Full Bio »
Ruya Urso, Therapist
Ruya Urso, M.A., LMFT
Primary Therapist
Ruya Is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist offering supportive, strength-based therapy to her clients. She has a B.A. in Psychology from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and an M.A. in Counseling with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Webster University in Irvine, California… Continue Reading Ruya‘s Full Bio »
Lisa Licavoli, Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Lisa Licavoli, RD, CNN
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Lisa Licavoli is a Registered Dietician, Board Certified Nutritionist, and Traditional Naturopath specializing in Integrative Nutrition and Eating Disorder recovery. She has been in practice for 27 years. Lisa takes a body-centered approach to health and healing, with nutrition as the foundation… Continue Reading Lisa‘s Full Bio »
Kathe Caldwell, Hypnotherapist
Kathe Caldwell, CADC-II, CGiT, CCH
Kathe is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-II in private practice in Newport Beach. She has worked in multidisciplinary recovery settings in Orange County for over 15 years, applying her complementary skills in hypnosis, guided imagery and addiction counseling… Continue Reading Kathe‘s Full Bio »
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Shane Kovach, CADC-1
Men’s Program Director
With experience in the treatment field for over five years, Shane brings a wealth of program management and client care knowledge to his role at Safe Harbor. Through his personal experience in addiction and recovery, he has a deep understanding of what goals need to be set and milestones need to be reached in order to achieve long-term sobriety through the twelve-step program… Continue Reading Shane‘s Full Bio »
Dave Corrigan, Executive Chef
Dave Corrigan
Executive Chef
Dave has been a culinary professional for over 19 years and is a graduate of the Los Angeles Culinary Institute. He has cooked in restaurants from Newport Beach to San Francisco to Nashville and back again. He is proud and honored to call Safe Harbor his home… Continue Reading Dave‘s Full Bio »
Isabella Ham, Lead Client Care Coordinator
Isabella Ham
Lead Client Care Coordinator
Isabella Ham is a lead care coordinator, and supervises the detox facility at Safe Harbor Treatment Centers. Isabella is in long-term recovery from her own addiction and alcoholism, as well as recovery from her eating disorder. As Safe Harbor Alumni, Isabella believes in the programs ability to help women stay sober, and find freedom and joy in their lives… Continue Reading Isabella‘s Full Bio »
Taryn Mangan, Case Manager, Transitional Programs
Taryn Mangan, RADT
Case Manager, Transitional Programs
Taryn has had the unique and invaluable experience of being raised in the Safe Harbor Community. Having been exposed to the program since the age of 6 months, Taryn has literally had a lifetime of experience and exposure to substance use disorders as well as recovery. As a child, Taryn watched her Mother’s unwavering commitment and dedication the suffering women who came to Safe Harbor… Continue Reading Taryn‘s Full Bio »
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Makenna Camacho, RADT-1
Women’s Program Facility Manager
As an alumnus of Safe Harbor, Makenna has experienced first-hand the true tranquility and happiness that our program offers. Now a strong woman in recovery, she has dedicated herself to sharing that same tranquility and happiness with newcomers entering the doors of Safe Harbor… Continue Reading Makenna‘s Full Bio »