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Lisa Licavoli, RD, CNN Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Lisa Licavoli, Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Lisa Licavoli, RD, CNN Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Lisa Licavoli is a Registered Dietician, Board Certified Nutritionist, and Traditional Naturopath specializing in Integrative Nutrition and Eating Disorder recovery. She has been in practice for 27 years. Lisa takes a body-centered approach to health and healing, with nutrition as the foundation.

Due to her extensive work with clients who have eating disorders, she co-wrote the book Love Your Body: Change the Way You Feel About the Body You Have. The book is designed to move people towards accepting their body by recovering from unrealistic expectations, perfectionism, and body-hatred.

Lisa is extensively trained in the use of supplements and herbs, yoga, meditation, and counseling techniques to help assist people in attaining and maintaining their health and recovery. Without an adequate nutrient supply, a person may experience depression and anxiety, low energy, brain fog and memory loss, which are major obstacles to healing. Therefore, she helps clients re-establish good eating habits and heal their relationship with food.