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Trauma and Addiction

Psychological trauma occurs when a person experiences a particular stressful event or situation in their lifetime. Sometimes, these individuals find themselves unable to cope with the feelings associated with trauma.Continue Reading >>

Power of Love

A few weeks ago we celebrated with our daughter her one year of her sobriety. It was an occasion of joy, hope, and gratitude.As I reflect on this past yearContinue Reading >>

Women Recovery Center

Addicted Women: Recovery Center Treatment Programs Addiction is a grave disease that has a devastating affect on all who suffer from it.  For both men and women, recovery center programsContinue Reading >>

Overcome PTSD in a Women’s Trauma Recovery ProgramFor women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, finding help in a women’s trauma recovery program is nothing less than an opportunity to beginContinue Reading >>

Womens Addiction Treatment

Women’s addiction treatment begins with understanding the importance of drug and alcohol treatment in a gender-specific environment. Gender-specific recovery programs are especially important when treating drug addiction and alcoholism inContinue Reading >>