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Introducing Our Men’s Program

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Addiction Treatment For Men

Socialized to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient, many men hesitate to seek help for substance use disorders and mental health issues. Many are in denial that they need help or rationalize that they have control over the matter. Other times, an individual is hesitant due to perceived stigma associated with the illness. At Safe Harbor, there is no stigma there is only acceptance.

Our Addiction treatment program for men is customized to meet their unique physiological, psychological, and emotional needs.

In keeping with our success as a leader in gender specific programming, we provide a variety of treatment offerings allowing for a truly personalized approach for every man.

It is widely understood that gender separate programming provides a space for individuals to build a support system, develop friendships, address gender-specific issues in a group/ individual therapy and gain tools giving them the best opportunity for lasting recovery.

We invite and encourage men 18 and over to begin their journey to health and wellness at Safe Harbor, our doors are always open.

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