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Knox Program at Safe Harbor

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Safe Harbor Treatment Centers for Women began as a vision, a dream that our founder, Velvet Mangan, longed to bring to reality. She poured her heart into creating a space where young women could come from anywhere in the world to recover from their addictions, free from the pitfalls from a co-ed treatment facility. Safe Harbor’s Knox Program is the epitome of that dream.

Knox is designed specifically for women ages 18-24. We recognize the gentleness and vulnerability of young women who are scarred and wounded from their past and their addiction, so when they come through the doors at Knox, they are enveloped in our love and support. This allows them to learn and feel the principles of unconditional love, self-acceptance, unity and service. Knox offers our clients a place to “grow up,” in their recovery. Here they will learn fundamental life skills, including seeking and maintaining employment or education. The goal is for women to experience real-life scenarios, in conjunction with working a 12-Step program, in a safe and supportive environment. We utilize 12-Step philosophies and integrated therapeutic modalities to assist women on their journey to a responsible and sober adult life. Our deliberate phase system organically guides young women to a destination of maturity, independence, and accomplishments.


Safe Harbor’s Knox Program Includes the Following:

  • Weekly Therapy Sessions with Licensed Therapist
  • Weekly Counseling and Case Management sessions with a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Daily 12-Step Meetings
  • Educational Groups/ Skill Building:
    • Chemical Dependency
    • Love Addiction
    • Body Image
    • DBT- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
    • Nutrition
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Art Expression
    • Spirituality
    • Educational Planning
    • Employment Planning
    • Life Skills and Goal Setting
    • Meditation and Contemplation
    • Yoga
    • Daily Process Groups



We invite you to reach out to a member of our team as soon as you are ready. Our Admissions Department is kind and patient, as we understand the stress and fear you may be experiencing. You have made a courageous decision and we are here to support you 24 hours a day.

Where there is Love, there is Healing. Stay in the Love.